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From The Dark Past...

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This blog is dedicated to Pelle Ohlin & Øystein Aarseth.
I started to collect in 1997 and created this blog in 2009/10 (In a different web address at the time).
It is made as a tribute to them for all fans, friends, families, etc...
Also it is made about Morbid and Mayhem from 1984 to nowadays.

--> It is not easy to get some "news"/unseen photos, anecdotes, stories, etc...
Some people are kind enough to share with me what they have, so the least that can I do is to thank and mention them.

If you use these pictures on your blog, personal website, tumblr, facebook, etc, etc.... mention the real owners or the source too, that what is called Respect!
Thank you. <-->

Updates : May 25, 2017

-- Collection
-- Varg Vikernes/Burzum
-- Theodor Kittelsen
-- Mayhem 1995/2004 (Blasphemer with Aura Noir)
-- Flyers, Press, etc... (April 12, 2017)

May 11, 2017

-- Collection
-- Varg Vikernes/Burzum (Varg in 2014)
-- Mayhem 2005/-- (Teloch in 2011, 2012 with Nidingr, 2017 with Nidingr)
-- Occultus and his bands (interview Perdition Hearse from 1992 & 1993)
-- Mayhem 1995/2004 (Mayhem Mexico city 1998, Mayhem 2000)
-- Flyers, press, etc... (articles from September & October 2016)

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If you have not seen yet, the webstore is now online.
Thank you.