I don't pretend to have the absolute knowledge about Mayhem, I am far to know all.
But I always check the authenticity and proof of what I find.
This page is not to make war and fight people who spread all this (even if the t-shirt and room are bad ideas...).
It seems  some fakes or mistakes are circulating.
Mayhem is one of the most important bands in black metal scene by events in the 90's and because they created a musical genre.
It is comprehensive that some people think to find something true then it is not.
Ok, Let me talk about this T-shirt.
First of all, if it was really the t-shirt of Pelle, I would not have posted this picture!
I have seen some rumors on the web like what it is the one that Pelle was wearing when he committed suicide.
This t-shirt was absolutely NOT the one of Pelle.
It was made in 2010 in Melbourne by a guy named "Spyke".
Check it there :
What you see on "Tumblr", etc... are totally wrong.
--> This picture would not be published if it was the t-shirt of Pelle. <--
Another fake.
It is absolutely NOT the room in Krakstad house, where Pelle commited suicide.
This is not the same arrangement of furniture,  there is no carpet at Krakstad house.
Plus, a few times ago, I found this picture with some others, it was about the renovation of a house in Germany or Australia (don't remember exactly).
I'll try to find again where I've seen it.
--> This picture would not be published if it was the room of Pelle. <--
This is not the location where Mayhem performed their show in November 26, 1990 (live in Leipzig).
All these pictures were not taken at the same place.
The first on the left is from "Veranstaltungstonne".
On the right it is Eiskeller in "Moritzbastei".
Well, here we have what is supposed to be a Dead's necklace made of bat bones.
Strangely, we can only find this picture on Tumblr (...)
Strange that since 1991 someone remember this and kept it safe.
I checked every photos, all the testimonies (year of the goat, etc...),
we know Pelle buried his clothes, put a dead bird in a plastic bag, had a reversed cross or pentagram as necklace but absolutely anything about one made of bat bones.
From "Tumblr", remain wary.
For me it is a fake.
This is not Abbath and Varg Vikernes but Øystein and Torben Grue or Kittil Kittilsen - 1987.
Abbath and Varg were a very very short time together in the band Old Funeral.
Also, check every picture of Old Funeral and see the hairstyles.
"Live In Leipzig" LP by Obscure Plasma - 1993.
It is supposed to be signed by Dead himself.
Of course, it is a fucking fake, Dead killed himself in 1991 and I don't imagine him signed a LP on which it is written : Died by his own hands.
No matter who sell it or own it, it is just to say to all the die hard fans and collectors ;
Take care when you buy some stuffs.
Try to find more information as possible, check on some websites like "cultmetal.com" for example and ask to some other collectors.
May some people could think it but no, this is not Øystein.
It is Cronos from Venom.
It is time to stop rumors and/or to wonder who it is.
Sure at 100%,
It is not Øystein but Varg!
Takk Paal ;)
Once again, take care when you're looking and buy some rare stuffs.
Here we have another perfect example of a scammer selling fakes.
This guy "Vinylterror" sells fake stuffs from Morbid, Immortal, Burzum, Mayhem, Metallica, etc... he sells several time the same tapes.
He made a Morbid tape (with Mayhem photo..) himself pretending it was made by Pelle, limited to 18.
He used the "Sceptic Cunts" video from https://www.facebook.com/truemayhemcollection?fref=ts to make a tape and sold it on Ebay.
When you're looking all your life to find "Mayhem - Deathcrush" original tape, this guy can have 3,4,.... copies.
Before to buy something, don't hesitate to ask more informations, from where the seller had the tapes, ask him some proof and if possible ask to the artist or people who know/knew him.
Music is a buiseness, don't forget that.
Last point, even if I have nothing against Mexican, Brazilian and Greek people themselves, a lot of fakes mainly come from these countries : Mexico, Brazil, Greece.
I don't invent it, it is a fact.
Stian Johansen*
Another rumor circulating on the web a few years ago.
This time it is about Occultus (Culto Culus, Culto Prietsu).
- Age of Death : 38 years old
- Died : 2009
It is totally wrong, it is a fake!
Culto Prietsu is well alive!
Personal note : I've talk several time with Stian and he's a very nice guy.
 "Fuck off" to the one who made that rumor!
Another fucking fake made by this guy on Ebay ; "Vinylterror".
The funny thing is the title of the first song : "Si anala mote tigare".
Of course it is wrong, it is referring to the first words in the song My Dark Subconscious on the demo December Moon by Morbid.
The real words are : Tjena Alla Monsterdiggare (Hi all little monsters)
Don't buy to him!

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